Home of 'broken-in' baseball gloves and softball gloves by Master Glovesmith Dave Katz
Katz Sport Shop 109 Main Street
South Meriden, CT 06451
(203) 238-4311
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Are you sick of buying hard, out-of-the-box
gloves? Now you don’t have to!

I break-in baseball gloves for a living. It’s what I do. All day, every day! I sell brand new baseball and softball gloves completely shaped and broken-in!

Or, send your glove to me and I’ll return it shaped, conditioned and broken-in.

A Glove You’ll Love!

Dave Katz, Owner of Katz Sport Shop


"I just got my gloves back and they feel great. I am super excited to test them out soon. I have told all of my teammates about you, hopefully you will hear from some of them.

Thanks for making a 49 year old excited to get back on the field!"

- Mike Catalano, Texas Read More Testimonials