Home of 'broken-in' baseball gloves and softball gloves by Master Glovesmith Dave Katz
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Meriden, CT 06451
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My Story


Is there a brand new baseball glove sitting
in your closet? A glove that never felt
quite right? You're not alone!

Anyone who plays the game knows what I'm talking about. Unfortunately,
there's no way to tell how your brand new, store bought glove is going to feel
after you've labored through the long, tedious break-in process. Some turn
out great - Some end up in your garage. Either way it's a pain in the neck.

That's where I come in... I break-in gloves for a living.

It’s what I do... all day... every day!
I sell brand new baseball and softball gloves completely shaped and broken in!


Here's my story...
Some years ago I opened a small sporting goods store in my hometown of Meriden, Connecticut. As an active baseball player, I focused primarily on a large inventory of baseball gloves. Having broken-in my own gloves for years I assumed everyone knew how to do it. I was wrong! As an experiment, I decided to break in a few gloves prior to selling them. I was curious to see the reaction of my customers. Well, everyone loved them. Before long I was selling nothing but broken-in gloves. In fact, people started bringing me gloves to break-in. Over the years I've become something of a "well known secret" and have developed a loyal following encompassing the entire state of Connecticut as well as parts of Massachusetts and New York.

I am not an internet super store. I am simply a guy who knows gloves and how to break them in. I treat each and every glove as if it were my own.

At the insistence of friends and customers I've decided to offer my "broken-in" gloves to you...